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Influence Tomorrow 

"Power does not reside in institutions, not even the state or large corporations. It is located in the networks that structure society.” -Manuel Castells

Business, politics and personal interests shape social networks and in turn these relationships drive decisions in business, politics and innovation.
The value of one's relationships and having the capability to leverage these is difficult to under-estimate. 

While it is possible to map these exchanges, such knowledge is scattered across databases, as well as unstructured sources, making it nearly impossible for one’s mind to ‘connect-the-dots’,  to search and identify particular relationships.

Structured knowledge of those relationships is a competitive advantage and creates transparency and objectivity that allow for better communication and coordination between executives. Understanding how your stakeholders are connected and influence one another allows you to pro-actively harness the dynamics of your market environment and helps you to further enhance your competitiveness and your strategic position.

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