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We have 10 years of experience in the development and delivery of business intelligence and data analytics in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. Liaising business strategy, technology and science we assist you to improve performance at all levels of your organisation. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical and health industry, the telecommunications industry, the construction and infrastructure industry as well as government agencies. Clients include Roche, Pfizer, Wyeth, Moyne Health, Austin Health, J&J, Vodafone, 3 Hutchison, Allianz, Kodak, etc.

We work within an ecosystem of trusted partners that we have identified as the best in their field to guarantee you become, or remain, the best in your field. Please find a list of our partners at the bottom of this page.

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:: Construction Consortium Australia: Supporting PPP Team in Winning the Bid     
Service and Results: Mapped how the construction, infrastructure, and financial industry were connected to political descision makers and other influence groups at local, state and commonwealth level and created stakeholder relationship map indicating advantages, disadvantages and access points of our client's consortium as compared to the competing shortlisted consortia. The results supported our client in the bidding process in improving their strategic position in the stakeholder landscape, leveraging their direct and indirect relationships and spending their lobbying and business development resources more efficiently and effectively.

:: Pharma Company Australia - B2B: Enhancing Spheres of Influence with Key Decision Makers
Service and Results: Identified nephrology specialists critical for changing prescription behavior as part of a pharmaceutical company’s Australian brand strategy. Used network analysis to map out the dynamics of the market and prioritize the most influential doctors as well as identifying the emerging ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ across Australia. The results of this analysis assisted the Head of Nephrology and his marketing team to rationalise their business's spend on KOLs to maximise their ROI.

:: International Energy & Resource Company: Identification of Attractive Acquisition Targets
Service and Results: In collaboration with Griffith Hack, Australia’s largest intellectual property law firm, used patent network analysis techniques to identify potentially attractive acquisition targets and licensing opportunities to guide investment decisions for an international energy & resource company. Developed a unique screening process that efficiently identified the most important patents, companies and technology types from more than a million patent data records.

:: Insurance Carrier - B2B: Strengthening Weak Position in Eastern Europe. Where to Focus First?Service and Results: Mapped the connections between large companies in Eastern Europe to identify the most influential companies that were also likely to evangelize for the client. The propensity to advocate for the insurer's services was based on the company's existing strongholds and avenues into the market, either directly or through affiliates, size of existing accounts as well as satisfaction with services.

:: Executive Search Through Patent Analysis: Headhunting for Clean Tech Chief Technology Officer Service and Results: A nanotechnology-based clean tech company, needed a founding CTO who had experience in using nanotechnology in fuel additives. Scanned hundreds of thousands of patent authors to identify candidates with the right global scientific and company-wide network patterns.  These patterns would indicate not only the potential candidates probability of accepting the position but also the value they would bring to the enterprise in scientific and social capital. Out of a shortlist of five institutionally disenfranchised innovators, most of them at Kodak, one accepted the offer, two of his patents were licensed and became key to the quick launch of the new Clean Tech Comany.

:: Tech Company USA: Monetizing Undervalued and Non-Strategic IP
Service and Results: The client realized that they were sitting on a lot of underutilized IP. Kodak wanted to assess options for monetizing this IP. Mined the U.S. patent data base for all patents assigned to the client  and applied a proprietary screen to reduce thousands of patents to a small number of high potential opportunities. This process identified approximately 30 R&D scientists and 12 projects with high potential. Three of the 12 projects identified  were turned into tech companies.

:: Law Firm USA: Tracking Changes in Stem Cell Patenting in the Aftermath of U.S. Law Change
Service and Results: Mapped the links between hundreds of thousands of stem cell patents to identify if there was any change in the aftermath of banning embryonic stem cell research by U.S. Federal Law. Patents can be linked in a variety of ways, such as referencing a previously filed patent with similar claims as well as individuals co-authoring several patents. In addition all patents are assigned to a particular company or institution. While it was too early to see changes in the patent landscape, i.e. a shift towards research labs and companies overseas, within each field of stem cell research the most crucial patents, as well as innovators and assignees were identified.

:: Political Advocate US: Identification of Fundraising Opportunities
Service and Results: The client needed additional financial support during the 2006 election cycle and needed to identify fundraising opportunities with sympathetic donor groups. Consecutively a US database tracking donations to and from thousands of individuals and advocacy groups was analyzed. The network analysis revealed closely related, yet untapped geographic communities and advocacy groups that were likely to be open to discussing support.

:: Mobile Carrier Telco: Reducing Churn in Highly Competitive and Saturated Market
Service and Results: Developed a social networking index based on the customer call networks of a US mobile carrier that assisted the client to access new user groups and increase market share by 8%. Helped the client to improve their understanding of their subscribers – and their subscribers’ ‘friends’ - by calibrating their existing CRM measures with social network analytics, such as peer pressure or acquisition potential.

:: Pharma Giant Europe: Cultivating Tomorrow's Influencers in the Optometry Market
Service and Results: A time series analysis of co-publishing and clinical trial data revealed physicians and other decision makers that were rising and declining in market influence. The client executed a long-term cultivating strategy with targeted individuals to secure future market share and trust.

:: Pharma Company Germany: Lobbying for Approval of New Cancer Treatment
Service and Results: A yet to be formed committee would decide if the client's new therapy would be approved. A positive decision was critical. Consecutively the appointing officials' social networks were mapped to predict probable appointees and to reveal ideal pathways to influence them before appointment. Since eight of ten selected committee members were rightly predicted lobbying resources could be lowered dramatically. The therapy was approved.

:: Pharma Company Switzerland: Successful Launch of New Targeted Oncology Drug
Service and Results: Social networks analysis of all Swiss oncologists and regulatory decision makers. The resulting industry strategy map allowed to developed a KOL influence strategy to ensure a successful launch. 
The rigorous scientific approach dramatically lowered the cost, increased prescriber support, and sped the successful launch of the drug.

:: Enterprise Software Company - B2B: Capturing Competitive Market Share in Europe
Service and Results: Analyzed the director interlock and shareholder relationships between key customers and high potential prospects to improve  customer-to-prospect influence. Pockets of customer strongholds served as avenues into strategic accounts with a high propensity to be won. Based on the strategy maps the client increased its market share substantially within the first 12 months of implementation.

:: European Commission: Was the Funding Stimulating Innovation and Aiding Integration Or Not
Service and Results: Analyzed the networks of European Union funded projects and showed which institutions,
regions and countries contributed the most to the integration of new member states through their collaboration. 
The resulting network maps and analysis helped the EU body focus funding on those institutions, regions 
and countries with the most collaboration potential with new member states

:: EU Body: Supporting Interregional Research Cooperation Networks in Europe
Service and Results: Analyzed the networks of institutions, countries, and regions which cooperate in European Union funded projects and identified their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with regards to stimulation innovation and technology transfer. The results (publication here) served as a guide for building excellent research networks within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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Our Partners and Collaborators: 

Optimice was founded in 2004 with the objective of improving, or optimising, collaboration and networking between professionals. Optimice' mission is to facilitate the development of valuable business relationships. Optimice has deep experience in improving business relationships at both individual, organisational and inter-organisational levels.

Sonamine software analyzes networks with millions of nodes and connections. Detect communities based on the density of connections, run a diffusion and infection analysis, or estimate the demographics of your nodes using relational classifiers on millions of nodes. Deriving insight from these networks, Sonamine software can improve the lift of your predictive analytics models by 20-100%.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Knowledge Solutions has strong Social Media experience and assists organisations to connet with people; build opportunities through dialogue which would not have otherwise occurred; then connect them with your business. For us Social Media for business is about return on engagement. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ambercite provides next generation patent mapping services and tools. Ambercite was co-founded by Doris Spielthenner, Griffith Hack and Ben Palmer to meet the growing needs of Intellectual Property professionals and analysts.