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Do you ever wonder: Are we talking to the right people? Do we know our customers well enough? Are we forming the right alliances? Are we investing into the right relationships? Are we courting the right acquisition targets?

We help you make informed decisions by sourcing, navigating and analyzing millions of data points in an efficient and sophisticated manner. Our data analytics approaches are widely applicable and are applied across a variety of industries in Europe, the USA and Australia. Our core industries include:

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Construction and Infrastructure Industry

:: Improving Bid Competitiveness including Best Practice
Assessing consortium and subcontractor linkages to understand the relationship based strengths and vulnerabilities of own and competing alliances (e.g. connections to politicians, unions, superannuation funds, councils) to inform lobbying and enhance client bid competitiveness. 

:: Identifying Hidden Tensions and Political Leverage
Gain robust insight into stakeholder inter-relations and interdependencies to identify the most powerful levers that can influence decision makers. Identify influence groups outside of construction who by means of their direct and indirect influence will contribute towards a smoother and less politically fraught planning and construction process.
Understand the basis for community tensions with local councils, MPs and political parties, which may fuel adverse media and publicity.

:: Future Proofing
Analyse the likelihood of site selection for infrastructure and upgrades based on political considerations and community lobbying providing pre-planning and efficient resource deployment.
Anticipate and respond proactively to future changes in the industrial relations and political landscape and in turn how these differing relations may impact on the planning and construction process. 

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Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

:: Identifying and Managing Key Opinion Leaders
Understand how you can harness the dynamics of peer influence between doctors of your therapeutic field to build a strong base of support for your therapy. Arm your executives with comprehensive and detailed KOL rankings for synchronized and effective marketing measures.

:: Marketing to the Regulatory and Managed Care Sector
Gain robust insight into stakeholder inter-relations (e.g. connections between doctors, medical associations, insurers, hospital boards, drug evaluation and other regulatory committees) to identify the most powerful levers that can influence decision makers.
Identify your most effective avenues into the decision making process to inform lobbying and enhance resource deployment.

:: Identifying the Influencers of Tomorrow
Anticipate and respond proactively to future changes in the public health landscape. Establish trusted and mutually supportive relationships with the key opinion leaders of tomorrow, who will impact peer reviews on new drugs and therapies and influence future health policies.

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Patent and IP Management, Due Diligence

:: Navigating the Patent Landscape, Millions of Patents
Efficiently source millions of data points and identify the most dominant patents, patent families, sub-technologies and patent owners and understand the risks and opportunities as to how your own technology is related to the dominant patents and their owners (e.g. within clean coal technologies).

:: Valuation of Patents and IP Portfolio
Gain robust insight into the relative ‘innovation’ value of your own, competitive or acquisition target portfolio. Anticipate and respond proactively to risks and opportunities with regards to licensing, litigation, and disposal or acquisition of IP.

:: Identifying Orphaned Technologies and their Strategic Value
Source patent portfolios for orphaned technologies (i.e. technologies of non-strategic value to patent owner), and identify the application or technological field in which this shelved IP will most likely multiply in value (e.g. a nanotechnology patent hold by a imaging materials company, now used as fuel additive in clean technology).

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To provide our clients with utmost industry expertise and to ensure timely project management we partner with a variety of companies, universities and other organizations across industries and markets.